Sat Nav - 2014 update my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" used as a SatNav
Audio Technica ANC23 Noise Cancelling Earphones - Eureka, fantastic, buy them for around £50  (Now the ANC33).
I bought these earphones after reading reviews on Amazon although no one else had tried them in a motorcycle helmet, I think they are
brilliant.  The speakers look a little bulky but they are shaped to fit into the outer ear and point down the ear canal so the end result is a larger
speaker that fits flush.   There is a tiny microphone in each earpiece, it measures external noise and the electronics send the opposite signal
to the speakers to neutralise background sounds.  On a bike that means engine and wind noise.  With care the earphones slip inside my
motorcycle helmet  and the results are stunning, just incredible noise reduction. I now to listen to my music with more clarity at 80% of the
previous volume level.
I have also fitted Comply T-400 soft foam tips.  These cut out more noise than the standard rubber grommets and the foam clings to the
inside of my ear better so the ANC3’s are less likely to fall out.  An excellent combination,
TIP: One AAA battery will last 30 hours, easy to carry a spare.
TIP: I used to use a 2m coiled extension lead or a 1m standard lead to connect to the SatNav so I can move round on the bike.  Buy leads
with gold plated connectors because gold does not corrode . I now use a Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth adapter
TIP: On the bike you need to play loud music, in my case Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, U2, Police,  ACDC,
Hendrix etc so I have a Playlist named "Biking Loud".  Music with soft female vocals or Simon and Garfunkle is hard to hear.  Strangely by far
the worst record I have tried is Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols.  I suspect the recording is all mid range with no dynamic treble or
bass - about the same pitch as the Tiger engine.  My ANC23's just seem to drown the music out completely and I can hear nothing.  How odd
to find that Pretty Vacant and You're So Pretty played loud should be inaudible on a bike.
TIP: Use the ANC23's on a train or in a plane, switch off the noise cancelling after 10 minutes and prepare to be truly amazed.
In Oct 2011  I  switched to a 5" Chinese GPS bought from gomallgo on eBay. For my Tiger 1050 I fabricated a new GPS
bracket from perspex which was bolted to the screen and the cockpit fairing.   On my Tiger Explorer I have used the Triumph
GPS Mount with my own SatNav holder made from perspex - See Tiger 1200 Pages.  I use a 16GB SD card.

In Oct 2012 I have bought a newer 5" Chinese GPS from tcromall on eBay.  This has a better 800x480 screen which is
brighter than before, an 800MHz processor which is fast, 128DDR2 RAM, and a 1200ma battery, Maps of all Western and
Eastern Europe inc Russia, Balkans and Turkey - All for £54 delivered to the UK

On long tours I use a Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4 running Sygic Map application (£23 for whole of Europe).  I selected the Tab
3 because it has the smallest footprint of all the 7" Android tablets.  The screen is bright and vibrant and the whole user
experience is light years better than a dedicated GPS unit. Cost £135. Sygic use the same maps as TomTom.  In use the Tab
3 is like watching a video.  See more details on my Tiger 1200 Explorer pages.
1:1  size screenshot of the actual map view in Snowdonia - Sygic have since changed the map backgrounds
to Grey which is so much worse, really annoys me.
To the right one of my favourite
pictures grabbed from the WWW.

GPS or SatNav is a great bike
and I would not like to
ride far without it.  I rely on my GPS
for directions and for speed camera
alerts.  In the UK "Safety Cameras"
are cash machines for the
government nothing to do with road
safety.  An opportunity lost.
Below some pictures from my
Tiger Explorer pages showing the
nicknamed "Bus shelter" I made
to mount the Samsung Tab 3.  
Checkout these pages.
T-400 replacement
soft foam ear tips
I now use a Samsung HS3000
Bluetooth receiver to connect  to
my SatNav.  Charged from Micro
USB the internal battery lasts 6
Update on using a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 as a SatNav.  After daily use I have learned a few tricks.  Fit a Medial Devil Matte screen protector to reduce reflections. The Tab 3 has limited
memory to only load the Maps and Apps you actually use. Save your favourite locations.  In the UK download the Speed Cameras from Pocketgpsworld and set up alerts.
I have now Rooted my device in order to remove all the bloatware (These are the unwanted apps that Samsung and Android supply which hog resources), this is not essential but it
Sometimes my Tab is frustratingly slow to find it's location.  I recommend an app like GPS Fix or GPS Test, then every week when connected to both WiFi and satellites download the
latest AGPS or Extra data  files, this helps the Satnav know where to expect to find satellites.  I play music in the background so load MP3's onto the tab and use the stock Music
playing app.  I connect t to the Tab using bluetooth and plug my headphones into a Samsung HS3000 bluetooth receiver, use the app Bluetooth Auto Connect to improve auto
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