Bike Riding Gear - Apparel - 2
Helmet - HJC CL-XS  -- 2007 to 2012
This HJC helmet was similar to the Aria Tour X3 except it cost a quarter of the
price at £100.  I used to commute to work heading East into the sun in the
morning and home into the sun in the evening.  Having a peak makes it so
much easier to see safely.  The peak casts a shadow on the outside of the visor
and completely removes the glare.  The HJC was an MX helmet with a Visor so
it is a little noisy and could be unstable at road speeds but  for the price an
excellent buy.  (I added the reflective stickers).
Triumph Tiger T Shirt from
eBay £8.99p
There are plenty of really good Tiger
theme T Shirts available from for around £16.99p
Helmet -Schuberth S1 - 2004 to 2012
I owned the S1 for 8 years.  It was very quiet and was great for long distance
touring.  A good quality helmet that is worth every penny.  The only downside is
that the visor mists up easily because the helmet seals so effectively round my
neck.  So I had to use Fog Off or similar or ride with the visor slightly open.

This helmet started life black and I resprayed it white, see my page on helmet
Motorcycle Boots
In 2004 I had some Altberg boots made to measure (Left). Altberg are
based in Catterick, UK.  They measured my feet and I had to wait 5
months. The result is a hand crafted bespoke leather boot, totally
waterproof and very comfortable for long days in the saddle - Quality! I
used these boots for 7 years.

On the right is pair of
Sada boots,  I bought these new in 2015 for £99.  
They are comfortable, longer in the leg than most and they offer good
protection.  I wear them when riding the MV and for Track Days.  
Material is mostly leather with some strengthening panels.  I hate the
plasticy type of sports bike boots that are now on sale everywhere.
Motorcycle Gloves
On the left is a pair of Hein Gericke winter gloves, Spock gloves
as I call them.  They are easy to put on with damp hands and
very warm on cold days
In the centre are my Triumph waterproof winter gloves.  Not
very waterproof but they are warm on colder days, near
impossible to put on with damp hands.
On the right my
Triumph leather "Terminator" style gloves, the
best leather glove I've ever owned.  £50 at the BMF as seconds, I
own 2 pairs and these are the main gloves I have used for 9
years and 60,000+ miles.
In 2012 I upgraded to a pair of Triumph
Adventure Boots,
  The Adventure Boots are
tall with 3 strong buckles, a good mix between
a road boot and an MX Boot.  They are warm
and offer more protection.  They are supple
enough to wear all day and for walking when
sight seeing.  Much more comfortable than
the Alpinestar Tech 6's I use for MX.  I used
these boots to Turkey and back and they were
perfect.  I have used them for a 200 yard water
crossing to Shell Island in Wales and I have
ridden through torrential rain 3 days in a row
and I can vouch that they are 100%
waterproof.  One of my best buys and highly
T Shirts
Over the years I have
bought many good
biking T Shirts from
Triumph at the BMF
and from White Horse
Gear in the US.  
Helmet - Nolan, X-Lite 551 - My preferred helmet from 2013
This helmet is in effect a full face X-Lite helmet with a peak and an integral drop
down sun visor quite unlike my  previous HJC CL-XS which was more an Off
Road Helmet with a visor.  
I think the 551 is the perfect Adventure bike helmet.  It is light, well made, quiet,
stable at speed and it has both a peak and a sun visor.  It has been well
reviewed on the web.  One bonus is I find it easier to slip the 551 on without
knocking out my earphones out, something that was near impossible with my
Schuberth S1.  With a pinlock the 551 never mists up, the best wet weather
helmet I have owned.
I have thrown my old helmets away and I will be using the 551 for the next few
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