Bike Riding Gear - Apparel
I've been biking for 30 years and modern gear is really light, flexible and 100% waterproof.  
Since 2012  I prefer to wear my  Triumph Adventure
Jacket (L) trousers (M).  The fitting of the jacket is very
adjustable.  The look and feel is "Smart Adventure"
gear.  Comes  with excellent air vents, great pockets
and I really like fact that the waterproof lining is
removable, just like expensive gear.  I have worn this
suit to Turkey and back in 40 deg temperature and up
to the Arctic Circle through snow lined passes.  On
cold, wet days I use the linings in the trousers, never in
the jacket.  If it rains I slip my 2 piece waterproof Richa
gear on.
The Adventure Jacket is very well made, the zipped
vents are perfect. In a shower it will keep me dry for 10
minutes.  I really like the fact there are 2 big zipped
pockets in the trousers and 2 more on the side of each
leg.  Plenty of room for my phone, wallet and keys
without having to use the jacket pockets.  Best gear I
have ever owned.
For use in the wet and on colder days I own a Triumph
Fabric jacket and trousers.  
The jacket sleeves have
a leather outer, very smart, good pockets, very warm,
good protection, 100% waterproof, good neck
fastening.  However the jacket and trousers do not zip
together well and I get a cold draught round my
middle.  The Trousers are  Sympatec  I can't
remember the name of this Jacket.  Again I prefer to
wear Triumph clothing on a Tiger.
This is the best looking fabric Jacket Triumph ever
made especially with the leather sleeves, I've owned 2
of them, Triumph should bring it back permanently.  
After owning this gear for 10 years I still reach for it on
cold, wet trips.
For riding to work in London I bought a Hein Gericke
Hi Viz Jacket
and Hein Gericke Trousers.  In 2011
the jacket cost around £140, and the trousers cost
around the same.  HG brought out a replacement for
£185 but I think this one older discounted item is the
better jacket.  Very comfortable on the Tiger.
Apart from the safety side I like the fact that there is a
full length zip together option (and an under crotch  
safety belt) which means I can ride in cold weather
with no more than a cotton shirt for 70+ miles.  There
are plenty of vents great for the warm afternoon ride
home.  The trousers have long thigh vents and the
jacket has sleeve vents, front vents and back vents all
of which I can open and close with the clothing on.  
The cuffs zip together well and it is easy to fit my
gloves over. However no pockets in the trousers
which is a pain. All the other pockets are a bit small,
signs of being designed to be cheap.
I own a set of Triumph Triple Collection 2 piece
.  They are well made but the leather is quite
hard and took a long time to wear in and soften.  
Wearing "Triumph" gear on a Tiger will always be my
preference.  Good vents, awkward pockets, nicely
finished in 3 shades of silver/grey.

I bought these at the BMF Rally, now 9 years old, only
worn for Trackdays and the odd ride.
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