In my Travels I have seen some interesting Tigers so I thought I would create a page on my website to show them off
Photos of some interesting Tiger variants
Ohlin's Tiger 800XC at Triumph Live 2012 dripping with expensive suspension and fitted with knobbly tyres.  The front
end was gorgeous.  My 2015 Tiger 800 XCx is not far off this spec.
Triumph 1200 Explorer XC version with wire wheels.  Move over BMW
the big cat is coming to maul you.
This beautiful Tiger 1050 was on the Stratstone Triumph Stand at Triumph Live 2012.  If you look really careful it is two photos of the same bike,
custom painted Red on the left and Blue on the right.  A very attractive custom with superb metallic paintwork, a really trick swinging Arm and
minimal streetfighter looks.  Well done Stratstone.
This is a custom metallic White Tiger 1200 Explorer supplied by Stratstone Triumph  and shown on another Stand at Triumph Live 2012.  I like White bikes and I was very tempted
to order one myself, however I think the Explorer looks good in Sapphire Blue and I fancied a change from White.  One day I may have my Explorer repainted.  Well done again
When I first owned my Tiger 955i there was an
active Tiger group on Yahoo.   "UK Tiger Rides".  
The moderator was Preston and he had a stripped
down Steamer.  See these two pictures.  I rode
with the group round Essex with Big Stripey and
with Preston round Worcestershire.  I also lead a
run round the Fens in 2006.  The group is now
dormant.  I like the minimal look, makes me
wonder what a Tiger 1050 would be like stripped
down without a fairing.
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