My Top Biking Accessories
I've used Motorex 645 Protect and Shine spray on all my Tigers  (The latest version
drops the 645 from the logo).  It is recommended by Triumph.  645 is basically an
extra thick WD40 which Triumph state will not turn polished stainless exhausts
yellow  when heated.  I use it after every wash and prior to winter storage.  The result
was a perfect unblemished finish on my 955i after 25,000 miles of hard riding.  My
1050 looked like new after 32,000 miles.
TIP: The only thing to watch is that if you get 645 on your brake disks you must apply
the brakes several times to wipe of the excess.  The brakes simply won't work
initially so plan ahead!
I prefer to use Mobil 1 in all my vehicles but Triumph have
stopped their association with Mobil 1 and stocks of the 4T
Motorcycle oil are hard to find so I have switched to
fully synthetic.   Bearing in mind how extreme the
operating conditions can get I think it is worth the cost to
use a top of the range oil.
"S Power Motorcycle Cleaner" is
available from various sources.
This is the best cleaner I've tried
in 40 years of biking.  It will easily
clean off chain grease, flies, dirt. It
does not smell, it rinses off well
and it does not remove wax
polish.  The Pro Clean I use on
my MX bike is also pretty good but
it is caustic.  
TIP:  Be especially
wary of Car cleaning products like
Alloy Wheel Cleaners, Yoshimoto
Whizzo Wheels and the like, in
seconds they will corrode the
cadmium plated fittings on the
I used a Klan Heated Fleece for over 10
years.  Absolutely brilliant even on the
coldest days all I need is the Klan, a
long sleeve T shirt and heated grips.  
This means I can ride for long
distances in the cold and I only have to
stop when my toes or knees get cold.

The jacket looks good enough to be
worn in the evening as casual wear so I
never have to pack a jumper.  The photo
left is a model, not me!

In 2017 I replace this with a Keis
Heated jacket which is slimmer and fits
better under my bike jackets.
Greased Lightening Showroom Shine is a car wax
sold on Ideal World satellite channel in the UK.  They
demo the product by cleaning a dirty, unwashed car
saying it will remove dirt, bugs, tar etc leaving a
beautiful polished finish.  Well amazingly it works
exactly like they say.  My bikes get splattered with
bugs, tar and hard to remove stains.   Now (after
softening with water) I just spray on Greased
Lightening, leave for 2 minutes then wipe off with a
microfiber cloth to leave a superb wax finish.  It really
does work on my fairing, helmet and screen and my
bikes have never been so easy to keep polished..  
Amazing stuff.  I also use it on my car.
Optiglanz from Heine Gerick, is
an acid based cleaner that will
remove all the discolouration
from stainless steel, just spray
on, wait 2 minutes and wash it
off.  Smells like Almonds (So
does nerve gas!). My exhaust
collector below looked better
than new after 32,000 miles.  
Amazing stuff, check it out.
Solvo Autochrome metal polish
for the last 30 years the best
polish for chrome, alloy and
stainless steel.  Requires elbow
Threadlock - bikes
vibrate and I have lost
all sorts of nuts & bolts
over the  years.  I use a
decent Threadlock on
everything, especially
brakes, wheels,
suspension, engine
mount, footpegs,
handlebars, exhaust etc.
I buy Heavy Duty wipes from the local pound
shop, 50 on a pack.  They are great for
wiping brake dust and chain lube off the
wheels and for quickly removing all the
bugs, dirt and crud off  the front fairing.
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