Helmet Painting - How to spray paint a Black Helmet with White Paint
The end result really looked good and coped with 4 years of regular
My original black S1 helmet
In 2007 when I exchanged my Black Tiger 955i for a White Tiger 1050 I did no want to pay an extra £440 for a new
matching S1 helmet!.  I searched the WWW and found
Krylon Fusion paint specially formulated to spray directly on to
any kind of plastic without a primer
.  Krylon claims to be perfectly safe for spraying crash helmets.  To prepare I
removed the visors and masked the helmet off.  I lightly sanded the black finish with fine 3200 wet and dry.  I then
applied 3 light dusting coats of white paint about 2 minutes apart.  This effectively primed the helmet.  I followed with 3
thicker top coats 15 minutes apart.  The end result was good.  Fusion paint was a delight to use, it does not run or
splutter, the spray nozzle is designed to give a decent vertical fan and the resulting finish is smooth.  It covered my gloss
back helmet and the matt back ventilation mouldings.  I put the painted helmet away in the airing cupboard for a week to
harden off and then added some reflective stickers.

Fusion Paint is available in about 20 different Colours, I used White Gloss which matched my Tiger 1050.  

When I rode to work in London I wore a fluorescent over jacket.  This coupled with a White Tiger and White Helmet
meant that most motorists give me plenty of respect (After you Officer!).  They would pull over to let me cruise past.  I
also have blue and yellow reflective strips on my Handguards and panniers.  Anything to ensure safer biking on the
daily trudge to work.