Second set of Miscellaneous Extra's - Music on the move
Sometimes I want to listen to the Radio on the
move so I use a
Sony Radio SRF-M37L.  The
Sony is surprisingly water resistant.   Battery life
is an amazing 20 hours from one AAA battery.  
To my knowledge no one supplies an RDS
equipped radio suitable for a bike except Honda
who have a part for the Pan European at £500+.  
I attach the little Sony to the fuel cap with Velcro
and tune in the main BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2
presets (In the UK every 30 miles the channel
frequency changes on FM)
When riding my bikes I like to listen to music, same as when driving a car.  I find that it helps me concentrate.  I
usually play MP3's through my Satnav.
Listening to music on the move is becoming a
problem because most SatNavs do not have a
facility to play MP3's.  I used this solution for a
few trips before bluetooth was an option.
Rockstar connector allows you to listen
to up to 3 sound sources at the same time
with up to 3 sets of headphones listening in.  
So you can connect a SatNav and an MP3
player and listen to both. Not as good as a
SatNav that plays MP3's but a viable
alternative.  Would be well suited to anyone
who carries a pillion.  Not perfect but cheap.
I purchased a couple of
Dry Bag's from Amazon.  
They are great for
ensuring that  Cameras,
MP3's etc stay dry on a
long trip.  This particular
dry bag has a 3.5mm
headphone jack lead
built inside with a 3.5mm
socket on the outside.
Audi Technica Noise cancelling headphones
are just amazing.  These
ANC23 units are
priced around £50.  A stunning headphone in
it's own right, they really do reduce
background noise when used on a bike, in a
plane or on a train.
Now replaced by ANC33
When on a long tour I need to keep
my Galaxy Phone, MP3, Tablet and
Satnav charged without having to rely
on mains electricity.  So I use a
Technet Dual Port EP380 5000ma
battery extender.  I can charge it while
I ride from a mini USB lead.  Off the
bike over night  It will recharge 2
devices simultaneously.  It has
enough juice to recharge my Galaxy
phone twice from flat.
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