Some Extras to make Tiger ownership even better
Tool Kit Holder
The standard plastic Triumph Tool wallet is useless. As
a replacement I bought a denim pencil case from a £1
shop.  The standard Tiger 1050 tools are shown on the
right and the extra tools I carry are shown on the left.  
i.e.a set of Spanners, a set of Allen Keys and a set of
Torx keys.
I need to wear glasses for reading small type face.  Sometimes
when riding I sometimes use  
De-Walt Safety Glasses - Bifocal
.  They have a normal lens with a small bi-focal reading
section at the lower edge.  I bought my +1.5's from the USA on
eBay.  They are well made, flexible and comfortable enough to
wear inside a helmet.  I ordered a second pair with clear lenses.   
Very helpful if I need to read my GPS in detail or look at a map.
When I commuted into London requires I needed
eyes in the back of my head.  I fitted
sourced from eBay.  With the whole mirror I
found it distracting seeing my arm and body in view
so I cut one mirror in half and stuck half on the edge
of each Tiger mirror with silicon.  This solution
worked and gave me a wider field of view.
When riding out with other bikes someone in the group
might get a puncture (Especially KTM 950 & 990
Adventures) so I have bought a
Stop & Go Pocket Tyre
This is used to insert a mushroom shaped
rubber plug into the hole in the tyre and comes with CO2
cannisters.  I also bought an
Airman Mini Compressor  ( I
have since cut off the entire plastic case to make it 1/3 the
I had to use this puncture repair kit on another bike while in
Turkey and it worked perfectly on the 3,000 mile trip home.  
I now carry it if I am going off piste or on a long trip.  I also
have a set for my car which does not carry  a spare wheel.
I have been looking for a simple, quality camera to take on a motorcycle holiday that
I could switch on and use with one gloved hand.  The
Fuji AX250 has a nice big
on/off button takes decent photos and has plenty of features.  I can  easily operate it
one handed.  I also like the fact it takes batteries so no charger to lug round.  The
AX250 takes 14mp photos and HD720p quality video, it has a 28 to 150 equivalent
lens.  The Fuji can take several pictures and stitch them together itself  to create a
panorama shot.  In 2012 the AX250 cost £50 from Amazon so if I lose it, drop it or
drown it I won't be too upset.
(Paraphrasing the book "To be a King"). You might think that I could Velcro the Fuji
to my fuel cap and use it to take pictures of spectacular scenic views on the move.   
You might very well think that. - I off course, I could not possibly comment!