Adrian's Miscellaneous Bike Pages
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Last updated  17 December 2018
This sub-domain has been developed to hold pages of general biking interest that are not specific to the Triumph Tigers I have owned.  In
these pages I have listed all 70 bikes that I have owned
with a photo and brief write up plus many other bikes that I have ridden.   
Looking back I have been very lucky to have had the experience of owning and riding so many great machines.  Maybe I should be writing for
a classic motorcycle magazine.  
I have also included pages dedicated to SatNav, GPS, Riding Gear/Apparel, My Top Recommended Accessories, Helmets, Boots and Links
to other sites etc
I created this site in 2004 with Yahoo Sitebuilder (Now sold on to Aabaco), I still use Sitebuilder but for the last 10 years there has been a bug in my site .  If I make a change to the
Toolbar Sitebuilder will randomly delete text from site pages.  I split my site into sub domains and I have more or less eradicated the bug which I now know is caused by the Advanced
Navigation Bar Editor.  If a text box contains gibberish it is not my fault.  I would not recommend Sitebuilder, unfortunately I am stuck with it.